Thursday, November 8, 2007

dirty water

after 6 hybrid white gel pens.. a fact sheet to educate home owners on their contribution to making our water dirty. we have to write our own brief, which is new to me.. cos i am so used to be given one. heh.

information design. how u'll explain a given piece of information in the form of visuals and sequences that made sense. i like this subject a lot.. cos it made me think deeper as a designer. the smaller projects ranges from form designs and all that dull and boring things.. but it trains u still. to sit back and look at that piece of design as a user.. not an artist. to see if it works, if it's logical.


kelvin said...

great talent and hard work = genius.

cel said...

haha! thank u bro. GENIUS!

krissie said...


OneTwoDelta said...

Tats quite a detail of work there.
Cant read from here but i can picture the context here and there...Have a blast,

cel said...

hey! thank u very much!
hmm. think i'll try to take post better pictures in future! heh!

Anonymous said...

hi annning switi,
miz lim here. i m so proud of ur works! =) way to go gal! take care.ta!

cel said...

to miss lim

Arrrhhhh!!! u are hereeeeeeee
thank u very muchhh *blushes*

Anonymous said...


hope u dont mind that I told miz lim ur bloglink..


cel said...

of cos not la!
:) i knew it was u!

inokku said...

helo !!

holiday = no new posts ? :S
(no new art work to show ? ^^"

=p how have you been !!!

cel said...

cel to enoch - hey noch! heh. so slack.. no new artwork.. just some doodles here and there.. will try to post some..

been busy working.. and u? i heard u went to london????? good life la u!