Thursday, October 23, 2014

Puddles at Shibuya, Tokyo

This is one of a series I am in the process of making. All about the places I've been to during my multiple stays in Japan. I remember this back alley at a more secluded area of Shibuya where many mini bars hide. Shibuya is my favourite area to stay when I'm in Tokyo mainly because of its accessibilty. I can travel easily to work or to my favourite Shimokitazawa spot via the KEIO line, or just walk to Harajuku and back when I feel like enjoying an easy weekend alone.

Paper sculpture drawn with india ink and watercolour encased in a (9" X 9.5") wooden case.
I hope you like it!

And this is the original image that I snapped back then. Beautiful memories re-lived through Puddles. :)

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Puddles at Sipadan...

... and she stayed there for good.

Not long ago, Puddles and I finally went to Mabul and Sipadan, one of the top ten dive sites in the world. Man, did we have a fantastic time! Visibility was good on our second last dive of the trip, and I was just checking out the deep at the surface as I wait for others to join me. While looking around, I saw hubba fiddling into his pocket and something dropped out. I really couldn't tell what it was at first as I was more than 8 metres away. I squint through my mask... and there I saw Puddles, spinning quickly into the deep blue. I couldn't have reached it, I was too far, she was too fast. And then and there, I knew that that was our moment. I lost her. But I was very glad I lost her to the sea. And I knew she will enjoy it as much as I do. Furthermore live there for good. And I was very thankful that we had our moment of goodbye. No one shared that moment with us. It was between Puddles and I. How bittersweet.

Have a good life Puddles. Say hello to Mr giant squid, plesiosaurs, thalassomedon, and all the other lovely monsters of the deep. Send them my way in the form of dreams. Tell me that you've met them and that they really do exist.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Come down later!

Drom store is reopening SOTA, Level 2 today!! Join us for a treehouse warming. Doors open 3pm till late. I will be live drawing on their glass window from 7pm onwards. See you!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Precious eyebrows.

I'm not gonna get all emo about why this blog has been left vacant for so long. But Puddles's back. Back with a bang gigga bang bang. *pose*

I think it's a great way to start again by addressing an issue that's been bothering me (my eyes) for a long long time now. EYEBROWS.

A lot of people don't give a good set of brows enough credit man. Through my very sharp observation over the years, I realised many many people underestimate the importance of having nicely groomed brows that suit their faces. It really doesn't matter how well you curl your hair, conceal your booboos on your face if you were to neglect or overdress your brows! 

So, hello there. Not saying I have gorgeous brows, but after this post, I'm sure whoever reading will agree that this can't be worse than any of the ones you're about to see below.

Miss No Brows.

I understand that not everyone is blessed with eyebrows. But it's really no excuse not to fix them! This is not 5th element lei everybirdy. You'll still look alien no matter how bright you smile.

Miss Yoga Brows.

I don't get this man.... i never will. It's so painfully thin you might as well go be Miss No Brows. Thin brows aside, please notice how the brows arch. Your brows stay so thin cos they practice yoga is it?

Miss Fierce brows

Angelina Jolie is the only person I know who can carry off these brows perfectly. Well, She's ang moh. She's Mrs Brad Pitt. You'll never be angmoh, and there's an even slimmer chance you'll ever be Mrs Pitt. So, just. give. up.

Miss Bushy.

Some people have no brows to trim. You have so much brows, what are you waiting for??? Please make friends with Miss no brows, and make a donation. AIYO!

Miss Tak Match.

This one.......... I know you're not trying to match your brows to your hair colour. So I can only conclude that you're trying to match them to your pubic hair. Nuff' said.

Miss Incomplete Circle.

Why didn't you complete the circle to contain all your features within it? I feel so tempted. Pass me a crayon sombody!

So guys, this pretty much sums up few of the many many brow examples that truly disturbs me.... Please rememember to trim up or fill out your eyebrows. I'm sure there's some shape and length out there that suits your face. If you can't do it yourself, get someone professional to do it for you! THANK YOU FOR SAVING MY EYES. AND THANK YOU FOR READING.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012