Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ramblings on the train



Anonymous said...

Hi hi,

love your illustrations its really cute!
And the way the
jot down your feelings and thoughts .
I'm a design student just to check with u, are you working veri long hours in ad agency?

~ curious kitty

celesteanning said...

hey, thanks for dropping by.
haha. yes. the hours are long in advertising.

but i guess this is what it will be in the creative industry, be it if u're at a design house or and M&C. don't mean to scare you.. but yeh.. be prepared!

hope that helps! :)

Anonymous said...

ouh... Thanks! is it like working on average 3am everyday! its scary!

celesteanning said...

there're def nights like tat.. where i work, we leave the office at an average time of 10-11pm.

Anonymous said...

oh ok thanks a lot! Then can I ask where do you get your inspiration from? I really love your artwork u can publish a book! haha

celesteanning said...

heh thanks. they're just really random.

i think one of the things that inspire me most other than the usual pretty things and wonderful creatures and experiences, are actually imperfections and mistakes. the constant struggle of dealing with one's own flaws really can hit u at the right creative spots.

life wont be this interesting if everything's perfect eh? i dun want a bland bland world..

hang in there kiddo. :)