Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Puddle kills

Let's make sure we clean our tongues every once in a while. Don't say things that's not meant to be heard.
Digital drawing. A3.
Background photography by the talented Miss WOW.


Anonymous said...

i totally agree with ur words, and just luv how u depict them with graphics switi. kudos!
luv, miz lim

elaine said...

i like this .
i like your range of puddles on 'realistic' backgrounds.

celesteanning said...

thank u!
i actually redrew this from an old drawing.

it's a constant struggle to be careful and bite my tongue!

April said...

Hello Celeste,

Your illustration are so adorable! The colours are so vibrant and it works really well with the photographic background. Nice! :)

celesteanning said...

thank u april!! are u the same april eileen's talking to me abt?

abula said...

hahaha yes. we're the same april. :)