Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Safety Bubble

Safety Bubble
If only we can all blow a bubble around us, so that no evil can come in our way.
Digital drawing. A3.


Anonymous said...

heyee switi...
simply luv the colours! u'd done it again! so proud of u!
=),miz lim

我是猫, 不是鹿 said...

Hello Celeste,

I didnt know you can illustrate too. I really luv ur drawings, so cute.

Ivy (used to freelance at McCann too)

celesteanning said...

thanks miss lim! for dropping by and leaving me kind comments ever so often! :)

hey ivy! i remember u! thank u very much! see u ard!

Rachel said...

I love your illustrations!

celesteanning said...

oh hi rachel,
thank you very much!