Friday, September 18, 2009

Puddle INQ-ed

I can only post this now cos i've been so so busy!
Celesteanning took part in this Singtel Mosiac Project competition in conjunction with the launch of a new INQ phone.
I won myself one! heh! It's the first time Puddle actually went public. That made me a very happy girl.

Thank you Christine, and all at INQ & Singtel!


caili said...

WOW, i am your huge fan!

celesteanning said...

thanks huge fan!! hehe!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I love your works! Theyre all so cute! I saw above your occupation is Art Director? Can you tell me how you be one? What did you major in? I really want to be like you!!

your fan ^^

celesteanning said...

Hi anon,

thanks for liking my works!
I am a creative in an advertising agency. I majored in Visual Communications. Some call it Communications Design. The course involves understanding of print layout, typography, illustration, understanding of information communication, colours, and all the way down to advertising. It's really broad.
I hope you'll be able to do what u wanna do, and continue to be inspired! it's a blessing!