Sunday, April 10, 2011

poot your life away~~

when you've got too much fart and feel suicidal at the same time:

I can't believe how long i've been gone. For those who have been dropping by as and when, thank you still, so much. I've got too much going on of late. Have been drawing faithfully too, just can't reveal too much yet due to circumstances, good ones. ;) I promise to update soon, with snippets of what's happening in my little Puddles's land. Meanwhile, let my fart blow you away! PPPOOOTTT! Miss this place. till then, it won't be long now!


dawn said...

You're back! (:

More drawings yes! I'm contemplating to go for drawing classes with my dad now that my part-time degree classes are ending..

Come back soon! (:

Anonymous said...

When will u be back? Its been 2 mths D: