Thursday, October 23, 2014

Puddles at Shibuya, Tokyo

This is one of a series I am in the process of making. All about the places I've been to during my multiple stays in Japan. I remember this back alley at a more secluded area of Shibuya where many mini bars hide. Shibuya is my favourite area to stay when I'm in Tokyo mainly because of its accessibilty. I can travel easily to work or to my favourite Shimokitazawa spot via the KEIO line, or just walk to Harajuku and back when I feel like enjoying an easy weekend alone.

Paper sculpture drawn with india ink and watercolour encased in a (9" X 9.5") wooden case.
I hope you like it!

And this is the original image that I snapped back then. Beautiful memories re-lived through Puddles. :)

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