Sunday, September 18, 2011

Puddles show off

Nana & Bird just got themselves a new nest, and Puddles's honored to be a part of it. She'll be there until 13 Nov, open to all if you're thinking to pop by. There are art prints, silkscreened wood art (ready to hang), original art pieces as well as tote bags up for sale, and all of which limited, if not, one of a kind. I'll be writing follow up posts specifically for each type of work, so please stay tuned! Heeeeee. I'm not gonna deny i was nervous that day, but what the heck, it'll only get better. :) Thank you everyone, who came and support me, really really appreciate it! BIGGA HUGGAS! There're more pictures here! Enjoy!
"With God, all things are possible" Matthew 19:26


melly said...

all so mei!

Euphemia said...

Yay!! Indeed, with God, all things are possible!